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The Original and World's Finest Korean Red Ginseng.. The Elixir of Life

Facts About Ginseng.. The Elixir of Life
By. Florence Lee

As soon as people find out that I was  with the Korean red Ginseng Institute doing research on the pharmacological effects of ginseng, they started asking questions such as, "Is Ginseng really beneficial to our health?.. Can Ginseng really treat cancer?.. or I have a high blood pressure. May I take Ginseng? Would Ginseng  lower my blood pressure?.. I suppose that there are very many people who have occasionally taken Ginseng and yet have never tried it.

In Oriental countries, however Ginseng has been recognized as the best medicine of all, the Kingly medicine, the elixir of life. To answer about many questions about ginseng. I have presented here some of the research findings about its beneficial effects as discovered by Ginseng Research Scientists around the world. Furthermore, to help the readers understand how the tonic effects of Ginseng render the various efficacies of Ginseng for centuries. A comprehensive historical background of Chinese medical principles including those for herbal medicine and acupuncture. Legends about ginseng relate how valued ginseng root become throughout the long history of Chinese medicine.

Also covered are the botanical aspects of the ginseng plant and ginseng components as well as the brief review of Ginseng cultivation for anyone interested in how ginseng is grown. In addition, to provide a guide to Ginseng buyers, various ginseng products are introduced with detailed descriptions of the products and direction for their use.

Ginseng appears to invigorate the body system by restoring and maintaining its vitality, the essence of life. What we call vitality, or CHI
is the well balanced state of the physiological system which is the key to good health. The availability of CHI determines our resistance to stress. Everyone may derive from the benefits of ginseng and become vibrant, healthier and enjoy a more productive life.

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