Miyerkules, Agosto 7, 2013

About Us

D. Lizada Korean Red Ginseng Corporation (Formerly Lizada KRG Center) was established on September 13, 2001 with a sole objective to address the overwhelming number of people who were infected with a killer disease known as Hepatis-B which is clinically incurable according to medical conclusion. But, through a revolutionary research and tideous studies performed by the collection of multi-national herbal scientists and Ginseng scholars done on this centuries-old natural medicine which is traditionally known “the King of Herbs”, a marvelous results was indeed gathered that one of its Pharmacological activities has an adverse effect against the Hepa-B virus. Thus, D. Lizada KRG Corp. started to administer it an initial collection of patients specifically inflicted by the said disease. The result was tremendously overwhelming and satisfactory as expected! The recovery was then in constant progress until it reached the zero conversion of HbsAg marker or a non-reactive stage as manifested on their diagnostic results. And from then on, uniform concerns from different regions keep coming to the company's attention which are being promptly acknowledged and attended and definitely gaining consistent success of recoveries from Hepatitis B and as well as other incurable diseases like Diabetes, Cancer and many other.

And until the recent times, D. Lizada KRG Corporation is consistently gaining a very significant figure of positive responses and recognitions from all the levels of the society. Many people suffering from different illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, endocrine system impairment, hypertension and many other diseases are uniformly diverting in this natural modality of healing which end to a definite result - CURE!

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