Miyerkules, Agosto 7, 2013


Grace Daguil
Hepatitis - B Positive

"I am Mary Grace M. Daguil, 26 years of age residing in #74 Orchids St., Longos Malabon City. I came from the province of leyte, like of those among many, I took my chance of seeking my fortune by trying to work abroad. Sadly, I was diagnosed of having Hepatitis-B Infection conjugated with PTB. Aside from being denied fit to work, a greater depression has eaten me because the doctor has justified that the scar on my lungs will never vanish, and worst, there is no cure for Hepatitis-B because they (the doctors) said the virus is already in my blood. That caused me sleepless nights, lost of appetite and it seems to me “no life at all”. Those consequences, without my knowledge have worsened my status. I’ve suffered jaundice and drastic decline of resistance.

It was my sister who discovered the facts about Lizada Korean Red Ginseng through the internet. Its health benefits and amazing results or recovery from sickness and diseases, including viral and incurable ailment such as mine (Hepatitis-B). I never hesitated to visit their office in Rm.203 2nd floor Tiaoqui Bldg., Plaza Sta. Cruz Manila, to know more about it. My hope was triggered when I saw a numerous laboratory results of Hepatitis-B positive cases into negative stage or zero conversion.
I started taking my medication with a single bottle of Lizada Korean Red Ginseng Extract (30grams) on September 17, 2005. I felt a gradual but definite improvement within a week. I decided from all toxic foods which are advised to me very strictly. Due to my financial restraint, I cannot afford the medication constantly. It was staggered and I would even have to borrow money from my relatives just to sustain the medication. Hence, it took almost a year before I was completely converted into a negative stage confirmed through my laboratory results which I presented. 
Conclusively my PTB was also cured and the scars in my lungs had completely disappeared. I rendered this testimony for a greater intention to share my experience to others and to encourage them not to lose their hopes once they were afflicted by Hepatitis. And most of all, I want to thank the almighty God for bringing Lizada Korean Red Ginseng to my life."

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